Rodakino basic concepts

That's already working in rodakino_0_1_0

* Login window uses the PostgreSQL user/password.

* Moveable tree menu on the left side, fed from the Postgres database. Depending on their role, users have more or less rights and can call more or less "Rodakino Windows".

* The tree menu already contains all necessary "Rodakino Windows" for maintainance of the tree menu itself.

   add/delete/change user roles, add/delete/change menu items, assign menu items to roles/users).

* Rodakino Windows are called from the tree menu, they are moveable and resizeable.

* More than one Rodakino Window can be open at the same time within the same browser window.

* A Rodakino Window contains one or more "Rodakino Database Windows" aka RDBW.

* Query: The data of the top RDBW can be selected using Query-By-Example.

* RDBW's are defined by insert/update/delete statements, a html template, a query template.

* Insert/Update/Delete operations work within the RDBW, no need to create extra insert-forms or update-forms.

* Save-Button sends cumulated inserts/updates/deletes to the node server.


New in rodakino_0_1_1

* Validation of fields in the RDBW against the database, more than one field can be involved.


New in rodakino_0_2_0 and 0_2_1

* GUI frontend for master/detail relationships. RDBW's within a Rodakino Window can be cascaded in any master/detail or master/detail/detail or ... combination.

   Row-change in a master RDBW automatically retrieves all linked detail RDBW's.

* database driven listboxes.


New in rodakino_0_2_2 and 0_2_3

* Added support for database driven checkboxes and radio buttons.


Implementation roadmap

This is on the roadmap for the near future:

* Support date/time data type.

* Support select/option.

* Support textareas.

* Support decimal numbers.

* Preventing SQL injection attacks.

* Move code to github.

* Automatic save.

* Automatically load rows from the database, when the rdbw scrolls down/up. Target: Fast display of data of tables containing > 100000 rows !!

* Validation of a whole RDBW row against the database, if focus changes.

* Context sensitive help pages.

* Better error messages.

* Master/detail relationships in tab-pages.

* Livesearch fields.


Planned in the future

* User manual, software developers manual including getting started and lots of sample RDBW's.

* Implementation of reporting capablilities like csv export, jsreport, html reports, html2pdf, html2xlsx, using headless libreoffice as print server.

* Useful demo application including an ionic3 frontend for mobile devices.

* Multilingual i18n implementation.

* More than one skin.

* Automatic save operations in the background.

* Versions for Oracle, MySQL, SQLite databases.

* Generator tool for Rodakino Windows and Rodakino Database Windows.