Rodakino RAD download and installation

At the moment, rodakino is in the state of proof of concept and work in progress.


I used a minimal Ubuntu Linux for testing:


Install node.js

First step is to install node.js.

Look here for informations about node: or


$> sudo apt-get update

$> sudo apt-get upgrade

$> sudo apt-get install software-properties-common build-essential

$> curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

$> sudo apt-get install nodejs

$> node --version     # shows the installed version


Install PostgreSQL

$> sudo apt-get install postgresql


Add two database users:

$> sudo su - postgres       # next few commands as user postgres

$> createuser -P -s node  # remember your password

$> createuser -P test         # -P is important !!


Create new database:

$> createdb -O node node   # create database node, owned by user node

$> psql -l    # see the results

$> exit   # or ctrl-d, exit user postgres


Change authentication of database users from peer to md5

$> cd /etc/postgresql/9.5/main

$> sudo vim pg_hba.conf   # instead of vim use your favorite editor - mine is vim (in my austrian dialec the "vi" sounds like "vieh" which means "wild animal - nonetheless I like my vi very much)

replace the following line

local   all             all                                     peer

local   all             all                                     md5


$> cd    # change to home directory

$> sudo service postgresql restart


$> psql -U node node           # login to the postgres commandline administration tool as user node into database node

node=#  \d       # list relations (i.e. tables) - nothing found, database is empty

node=# exit    # or ctl-d


Install rodakino

Install redis server

$> sudo apt-get install redis-server


Download rodakino from here: rodakino_0_1_0.tgz

$> cd

$> mkdir rodakino

$> cd rodakino

move the rodakino tgz here and expand with

$> tar xvzf rodakino_0_1_0.tgz


Fill initial values into database

$> cd sql

$> psql -U node node   # log into node database as admin user

node=# \i crebas.sql

node=# \i cretrig.sql     # the "trigger xxx does not exist" errors dont matter - see inside script for explanation

node=# \i lstproc.sql

node=# \i menu_testdata.sql


Install/Update the node dependencies

$> cd ~/rodakino

$> npm install     # update to latest node packages


Start rodakino server

look for IP-Address of server

$> ifconfig   # IP should be something like

$> npm start


Start webbrowser

Enter URL: http://<your-ip-address>:3000     # could be - see above